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Locating Equipment

Locating Equipment

RD8000 Line Locator

The RD8000 is the powerful successor to the industry standard RD4000 pipe and cable locator. The RD8000 improves on speed, accuracy and reliability yet remains a cost-effective solution for any application delivering unique user features. Designed with the latest, patented digital firmware, RD8000 delivers a highly controllable and reliable locate solution to service any industry, anywhere in the world.


Based on a fully digital platform, the Tx family of Radiodetection transmitters supports the entire range of RD8000 cable and pipe locators.The Tx-10 has the highest current capability with 8kHz Fault Find (8KFF) and Current Direction (CD) functions as standard.All models feature a three-stage phase sensitive amplifier that delivers a constant current across its entire bandwidth in direct connect, clamp or inductive modes. The Tx range is designed to deliver superior performance using minimal power consumption in a light weight and well-balanced, format.

RD1000 Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Using radar technology, the RD1000 displays an image map of underground features. With the RD1000, the technician can see a pipe or cable in its topographical context making it ideal for locating and excavating utilities. The advantage over a traditional, electromagnetic locator is that the RD1000 can see non-conductive materials including plastic pipes.


The RD1000 offers outstanding locate performance. The RD1000’s powerful DSP core displays the sub-surface map in real-time on a high-contrast LCD. RD1000 features integrated digital color and gain enhancements that let the operator maximize locate quality and performance. Advanced digital filtering helps the operator to eliminate unwanted signals and provide greater accuracy.

Flexitrace and S18 Sonde

Combined with the Flexitrace Line, the S18 Sonde is designed to transmit a signal to the RD8000 Line Locator in order to locate the location of a plastic pipe that has an accessible opening.

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