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Safety is Job Number One at First Call

First Call Locating and Underground Services values the health and safety of workers, customers, communities and the environment where we work. First Call Locating and Underground Services has full health and safety resources.


Leadership is accountable for systematically managing Health, Safety and Environmental risks, and impacts through establishment of compliant Health, Safety and Environmental Policies and Programs. We strive for sustainable business development that includes zero injury and environmental friendly operations.


Safety Training


At First Call Locating and Underground Services, everyone is expected to put Safety First, correct or report unsafe conditions/activities, and work cooperatively toward the prevention of accidents.

This includes:

  • Being knowledgeable about the safe performance of our work by seeking to understand and follow all associated policies, programs, practices, procedures and regulations requirements.

  • Proper use of protective equipment, engineering and administrative controls.

  • Reporting regulatory contraventions, equipment defects, and workplace hazards to the supervisor or employer

  • Refusing unsafe work and Participating in the mitigation of hazards

  • Working cooperatively with clients, management, supervision, regulators and the joint committee to create a zero injury workplace

Darren McGuire

Owner Operator

Planning our Work – Working our Plan

Work assignments are inspected to identify health and safety hazards and then compliant health and safety practices and procedures to mitigate or eliminate those hazards are developed and implemented. Using positive attitudes towards Workplace Health and Safety, management, supervision and workers work cooperatively with our clients, workers, subcontractors, joint committee and regulators to achieve our goal.

First Call
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